Nets Escape, Barely: Nets 105, Bobcats 96 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

In today’s The Brooklyn Game Podcast with Ryan Ruocco, Ryan made note that one of the biggest differences in Deron Williams’s game from pre-to-post All-Star Break was something he called “Takeover Mode” — something D-Will rarely showed before the All-Star break this year with the Nets. In the fourth quarter against Chicago, he attacked with purpose. In the entire second half tonight, he did the same. In an awful, sad, terrible, no good, very bad victory, at least Deron Williams was none of these things.


Strugglesome shooting night — missed two open threes in succession, though he did look a bit more comfortable within the flow of the offense and hit three threes, helping offset an otherwise poor shooting night. Defensively? Not so much.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

I’m sorry, who?

Brook Lopez CENTER

Scored a standard solid amount, but was most impressed by his defense — Lopez got involved off the ball attacking shooters and drivers, stayed down with hands up, got a huge late steal with under a minute left, and blocked more than his fair share. He should’ve dominated this weakened Bobcats front line far more than he did, though.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Red-hot first half, cooled off in the second, missed two free throws as his goodbye.


Not his best stretch.


It’d be hard for me to criticize him tonight, if only because Reggie Evans lost a tooth in the middle of the game and didn’t come out. It only sweetens the pot that he — and the rest of the team, really — played even better after the incident, including hitting two game-clinching free throws and putting up yet another 20-rebound night.


  1. Well I’m watching NCAA, so I suppose I shouldn’t object to grades for a game that I didn’t watch. But looking at the stats and Reggie scored 14 points on 5 for 7 shooting and grabbed 20 rebounds. 20 rebounds is a heck of a lot and 14 points on 7 shots is crazy efficient. And that can’t get him an A? I guess he will be at the Nets “meet the fans” thing tomorrow and I’m going to tell on you.

    Isn’t it great that DWill is once again elite? It was so hard watching him struggle with his game early in the season. And he had so much pressure on him.

  2. Maybe if we can solidify a playoff spot and get a game or two that isn’t worth anything, the Nets should trying switching playing Wallace with the second unit and Bogans with the first. Bogans has been best with the first Uniton the floor and Wallace might be better in the sixth man role, bringing energy, and maybe even reigniting the touch be shower at the end of last season.