Nets Draft Combine: Notes from Day Two

  • The theme of day 2 was the play of solid, potentially NBA ready bigs, featuring Eli Holman of Detroit, Robert Sacre of Gonzaga and Kyle O’Quinn of Norfolk State (who was also the Portsmouth Invitational MVP). Each of whom possessed NBA ready bodies and showed great energy in today’s session.
  • Sacre impressed me the most, or more specifically his vocal cords did. Sacre is non-stop talker on the court, even going as far as to provide commentary to what he’s doing on a pick and roll; yelling PICK! when he’s screening and ROLL! when he’s rolling. You’ll see in the video below, but I asked Sacre about this and he mentioned how thats part of his game and how talk is infectious amongst the team (which I agree with), with that and his massive frame, certainly seems like a player that could help lots of teams.
  • Notable names in attendance on Day 2 scouting or just general hob-knobbing: Representing the Nets was Billy King, Avery Johnson and Bobby Marks among others. Throughout the league: Rod Thorn of the 76ers, Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri, Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, assistant GM of the Knicks Alan Houston and former Net Cliff Robinson.
  • Of the crop of guards: J’Covan Brown of Texas and Marcus Denmon of Missouri were the most impressive. Brown displayed a polished pick and roll game and was clearly the best passer of the bunch. Denmon certainly showed an ability to score, but may have to shake the dreaded “tweener” handle that could follow him into the draft.
  • Working out again? Brook Lopez. Rocking a grey Brooklyn Nets fitted backwards? Brook Lopez.
  • Other intriguing prospects: Jae Crowder, the Big East Player of the Year from Marquette. The comparisons to Kenneth Faried are tough to stay away from – like Faried, Crowder possess long dreadlocks, a thick body lots and brings lots of hustle and energy with his game. Crowder, however, showed off range out to about the three-point line.
  • When asked about having two teams in New York, Kyle O’Quinn, who’s a Queens, NY native, said “it’s going to be mayhem, honestly.”
  • Below, for your viewing pleasure is a video of some of the draft prospects explaining what they feel they bring to the game and why the Nets should draft them: