Nets Draft Combine: Notes From Day One

Posted on: May 19th, 2012 by Devin Kharpertian Comments
  • Kim English may have impressed the most on day one. When other players were relaxing and getting water, English was taking shooting practice. English is mostly a spot-up shooter, but hit shots from everywhere around the NBA arc. Billy King later said that all you need to succeed at the NBA level is one elite skill, and from today's workout (and his 45.9% three-point percentage in his senior season at Missouri), it's a skill he possesses.

  • Darius Johnson-Odom showed a serious competitive streak. He played strong, body-up defense on the perimeter throughout the workouts and the five-on-five portion. His offensive instincts left much to be desired, but like English, he has one elite skill that he can develop into an NBA career. His huge vertical leap doesn't hurt, either. He'll need to work on his shot to survive.

  • Measurements victor of the day: Josh Owens, a 6'9" senior from Stanford. Owens registered the highest vertical leap (both no-step and full), the most bench press numbers, the largest hand size (tied with Renardo Sidney), the third-longest wingspan (tied with Ricardo Ratliffe), and the third-lowest body fat percentage. Owens impressed on the floor as well.

  • Other intriguing prospects: Scott Machado (Iona point guard and MAAC Player of the Year), Cameron Moore (UAB long power forward and Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year), Drew Gordon (New Mexico power forward), and Mitchell Watt (Buffalo power forward).

  • Renardo Sidney came to the workout weighing over 300 pounds and left early. It's possible his asthma got the best of him, as he needed to use his inhaler while on the sideline.

  • Pennsylvania point guard Zack Rosen hurt his thumb early in the workout, and struggled throughout. He did run the fastest 3/4 court sprint of all players on the first day, though.

  • Nets players in attendance included Deron Williams (who worked out at 8 A.M.) and Brook Lopez, both wearing Brooklyn Nets gear. Former Nets employees Lawrence Frank and Rod Thorn also showed up to represent their new teams (Detroit and Philadelphia, respectively).

  • Billy King spoke about his trip to Turkey for the first time, noting that he had a great trip, some good discussions with Deron Williams, and a good meeting with Eurostashed Nets guard Bojan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic is "anxious" to come to the states and play in Brooklyn, but they've still got to work out a potential deal. No word on if he'd join the team next season.

  • King also noted that Brook Lopez worked out at the center yesterday. One fun note: Lopez was practicing shots from the three-point line. When King told him to "get in his range," Lopez stepped further back.

  • The Nets' entire facility reflects Brooklyn. The sign outside the facility has been switched from the old New Jersey Nets logo to the new Brooklyn Nets one. More logos hang throughout the facilities and in the practice center. As MarShon Brooks once tweeted, the center court logo has been re-painted. The old navy pads on the walls have been replaced with black pads and more logos. Without some old pictures hanging on the walls, you'd never know this team once called red and blue its home colors.

  • A personal site note: Sebastian Pruiti, Nets are Scorching editor emeritus and current video coordinator for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, was on hand scouting.

  • One final draft note: The Nets have all $3 million they can use to facilitate trades, and that number expires a week after the draft. So not only can the Nets use up to $3 million on draft night to acquire a pick, they can use up to $3 million more after June 30th if they want to facilitate a separate trade.