1. I think it’s far too early to doom this team, Avery, or any individual player. The Heat started worse than the Brooklyn Nets. We’re in good company in that regard.

    Deron, Joe, Crash, and Lopez will figure out how to make it work. We have too deep of a team to not be great this season. It’s only a matter of building cohesion and figuring this whole thing out. The “Fire Avery” brigade is part the nature of being in NYC, part fans looking for a scapegoat, and largely ignorance from fans that don’t have patience or know basketball very much.

    1. You can also see clearly why Avery glues him to the bench. Stumbled on some pick and roll defense, and failed to step up to his man on the break. He also has a tendency to stop the ball on offense. You give him the ball he’s holding it for 5 seconds before he makes a move.

    1. Well that’s a fantastic argument! “The team sucks with Marshon off the court too! So there!”

      He’s inept on defense and has proven to be a ball stopper. He’s an exceptional 1 on 1 scorer. I haven’t seen one like him come out of college in about a decade, to be honest. His one on one offensive game translates beautifully. However he hampers the offense. Until he learns to play well with others glue him to the bench.

  2. The Nets need to play Marshon Brooks more, he’s a good scorer and can provide quality minutes while resting D-Will (when healthy) and CJ Watson. I also think Tyshawn Taylor can develop into a solid player. He’s very athletic and the mistakes he’s made during the year can be chalked up to rookie mistakes.

    1. I think Tyshawn and Marshon need time on the court, but limited minutes until they cut down on mistakes. I like the way Avery is handling Marshon. It’s going to force Marshon and Taylor to rectify mistakes or they wont see the floor. Neither are entitled to a damn thing.

  3. Also, Brooklyn is starting to play alarmingly like New Jersey, imploding in one quarter once they give the lead up (except recently it’s been the 2nd quarter instead of the 3rd).

    1. Brooklyn is playing like New Jersey tonight because Swag and Taylor are playing like Swag and Farmar. Essentially, you’ll get New Jersey basketall if you put New Jersey quality players on the floor.

  4. I feel like the Nets playing 100% 3-2 Zone. Even when he was in Dallas Avery occasionally went man to man for a different look.

    I don’t see how constantly leaving perimeter shooters open because our guards always rotate instead of hedging heavy or pushing through the screen is helping. Our Bigs are too slow to pick up perimeter shooters.

  5. The fact of the matter is that this team lacks energy, and lack a real leader either in the coaching staff or on the court. When this team goes into the half with the lead, or gives up a big run or w/e, the coach is supposed to be encouraging his team and should have a plan to get out of it. other teams have consistently made adjustment vs the Nets, but the Nets have failed to make adjustments of their own when these teams get the lead. For this reason, I believe they should look for a new coach for their team, that is able to make these adjustsments. If you ask me, Patrick Ewing.

    1. Blaming all of this on Avery Johnson is incredibly reactionary and unwarranted. The Heat started 9-8 and there were “Fire Spoelstra” chants everywhere. I bet they’re glad he stuck around, huh. How about the Celtics a few years ago? When they dared to even think about firing Doc Rivers?

      Not only is your blame reactionary, but it’s misguided. This isn’t Avery’s fault or ANYONE’S fault at this point. Let them play together a full season and then analyze at the end of the year. Why are you so quick to judge now?

      1. The Nets’ bad start is not Avery’s fault at all, they are an almost completely new team just learning to play together who just need time to develop chemistry. Also, they’re leader and best player (Deron Williams) has been playing injured all season.

  6. Can you at least use a new adhesive metaphor? We get it. Marshon is horrible. blah blah blah. But can’t he at least be stuck to the bench? Tied to the bench? Something other than glued?

    1. Stapled to the bench? Chained to the bench? Nailed to the bench?

      Pick a metaphor.

      And I happen to like Marshon Brooks a lot. I just don’t understand how people don’t see how he hurts the product on the floor. If he’s hot, leave him on. But you need to have a quick hook with players like Marshon that hurt your offense/defense if he’s not scoring.

  7. for anyone that missed it, tim bontemps with a great article in todays post about how the nets take 1 punch and bail out. Seem resigned to lose. Questions the mental fortitude of this team. A great read i think. And i would rest deron a full 2 weeks if need be. We cant win with him playing worse than harris played in his last season with nj. Dwill has been a disgrace.

    1. I can see how pressure might affect some of the younger players, but we have a veteran team. I think the media and some fans are over-thinking this. Is it to unfathomable to believe that maybe, just maybe, this group of guys needs more time to gel? Like nearly every other newly assembled squad before them?

      1. yes time will likely only help the team, however it has zero to do with dwill bricking shots left and right, and with his noticeable sulking body language.

          1. even if you dont think he sulks too much, wheres his game gone to? The way he has started this season is beyond horrendous on all levels. I would say give him a few weeks off to heal and come back refreshed. Obviously its early but its early and aweful.

            1. Oh, I agree. He’s been awful. He’ll tell you that himself. However we know this is an anomaly. So let’s hope it self corrects. Because the alternative is accepting it’s reality and then we’re screwed.

  8. There’s what Marshon needs to fix. He gets the ball with 18 seconds on the clock. Holds the ball at the perimeter for 6 seconds before he passes it to crash. Crash holds it for 2, looks up at the clock, and realizes his only play is to drive.

    You can’t just stand stationary for 6 seconds and wait for a play to “develop” or an isolation or whatever he does at the perimeter. You tie the hands of the next player who touches the ball.