A Month After LeBron James Complaints, Mr. Whammy Finally Gets His Spot Back



Shortly before Game 3 of Nets-Hawks Saturday night, Bruce Reznick — better known as Nets super-fan “Mr. Whammy” — and his wife engaged in a spirited debate with three separate Nets security guards about where he was and was not allowed to stand and perform his traditional “Whammy Curse.”

The extended conversation came nearly a month after Cavaliers forward LeBron James allegedly asked for Mr. Whammy to be removed from his normal standing spot near the stanchion. Mr. Whammy wasn’t happy with James, calling him a “crybaby” after the incident.

It appears Whammy won his battle, as he told The Huffington Post after the game:

Although Mr. Whammy had attended Nets games since the alleged James incident, he told The Huffington Post after the Nets victory that it was his “first game where I had unlimited ability to get onto my mat.”

“We had a lot of trouble,” Mr. Whammy said of the situation at the Cavs game.

But he added that “everything’s worked out between the Nets, the NBA and me, very amicably. It was just wonderful.”

Though the Hawks shot 13-for-17 from the free throw line in Game 3, it appeared that, at least from reporters sitting nearby, Mr. Whammy hadn’t missed a beat.

Here’s Mr. Whammy breaking down the “hex,” in a feature by ESPN’s Grantland, a move he describes as “divine intervention”:

Hey, opponents only shot 72.6 percent from the line in Barclays Center this season — the fourth-best “free throw defense” in the NBA. So maybe there’s something to it! (There’s nothing to it.)

Huffington Post — 79-Year-Old Nets Superfan Finally Returns After He Says LeBron James Complained About Him