Kevin Garnett stars in incredible three-minute commercial for Beats By Dre

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett is the star of the latest three-minute commercial for Beats By Dre, and it’s not your average commercial by any means.

It’s incredibly jarring to hear some of the things spewed at Garnett in an advertisment (though on social media, it’s sadly common), such as a white fan yelling “You gorilla motherf—er!” through a fence at Garnett.

The message is clear throughout the commercial: no matter the criticism (whether it’s Skip Bayless calling you old or an usher’s eyeroll or an overzealous “fan”), you can “hear what you want.”

But Garnett’s going to need those headphones more than ever these days: the Nets are down two starters, three bench players, and reeling at 3-10.