It Must Be The Shoes: Deron Williams debuts Nike Hyperdisruptor

Deron Williams set an NBA record Friday night against the Washington Wizards, hitting nine three-pointers in the first half against the Washington Wizards. He finished with a Nets franchise record 11 total en route to 42 points in a 95-78 victory. After the game, Williams mentioned that he’d been playing in new shoes, but didn’t know what they were called. “Hyper-something” was his exact quote.

Turns out the shoes are Nike Zoom HyperDisruptors, and on Saturday night he wore a black-and-white camouflage version of the same shoe, in the “Fighter Jet” style of Nike Air Foamposite One, according to NBA Kicks.

Here’s a look at the shoe Friday night during the first half:

And the camouflage shoes on Saturday night:


  1. I would never buy these shoes, and probably any Nike shoes. Deron went through 4 pairs of shoes in one game. Imagine spending $150 for a pair and having them last only a few days?

  2. Yeah, Nike blew it on this one. Guy debuts a shoe, goes off like never before. Awesome, marketing gold. But he also tells media he ripped them apart throughout the game. So close and so fail!