GIFs: Here’s Multiple Angles Of Mason Plumlee Stuffing LeBron James At The Rim

Tuesday night, unlikely hero and Nets rookie center Mason Plumlee made the play of the game, stuffing LeBron James at the rim on a dunk attempt that would have put the Heat up by one and preserving an 88-87 victory and Nets season sweep.

Putting aside the conspiracy theorists that would call a foul here — Plumlee gets the ball first, not James’s hand, and even in that instance, the hand is part of the ball, and it’s not a call any referee’s going to make at that stage of the game — let’s just have some fun and look at two nice angles of Plumlee’s block.

Here’s a look at Plumlee’s block on James from the regular broadcast feed:

Plum Block 3

And here’s a look at Plumlee’s block on James from the behind the backboard.

Plum Block 1

And a still:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.42.23 PM
The win makes the Brooklyn Nets the first team in the history of the “Big 3” Era to sweep the Heat in a four-game series.