Gerald Wallace is starting a 30-and-over only league this summer to “have something to do”

Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace, brandishing. (AP)

SLAM Online’s Adam Figman sat down with Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace and talked to him about all sorts of things, including his hometown Childesburg (“It’s mostly family-oriented. Everyone knows everyone”), his relationship with New York City (“I don’t go into the city, period”), his life after basketball (“I really don’t think about it”), and the basketball league he’s starting with his friends this summer:

I’ve got a lot of friends that want to play that are over 30, so we’re gonna start a league with them, just [to] have something to do. It’ll be fun to play with some of the older guys. A lot of my guys are starting to get big bellies, so I told them we gotta get back out there this summer.

SLAM: You just turned 30 last July. Pretty convenient timing.

GW: [Laughs] It is. Right on time.

Given the way Wallace has shot after the All-Star break, his merits as an NBA-level shooter are dubious at best. But against his 30-plus friends with pot bellies? Unless Wallace’s friends are transplanted from the Space Jam universe, he’s going to spend his weekends this summer destroying his friends in the sport he plays professionally. Even if his friends are all retired NBA players, Wallace is still an athletic marvel that competes against the best athletes in the world.

This is a league I want to see immediately. (Just please stay healthy.)

Full interview below.

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  1. Scalabrine had a fun challenge where he went up against four high level amature players. He played them each one after another in one on one. He beat them all pretty badly because they all really had very little ability to score on him. Though admittedly he got tired toward the end and he also struggled to score sometimes. Wallace would just destroy any normal player.

    That said, I really doubt Wallace’s contract allows him to play in another league like that because of the injury concerns.