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    …That’s the question Robin Lundberg posed to his audience on ESPN radio 98.7  FM this morning. Tying into excellent discussions on the forum started by Max Weisberg, and posts by Devin , Lundberg criticized Deron for “subtly” calling out Avery, saying that he hasn’t played well enough to call out anybody. So what do you think? Was Deron justified in his comments? Do you see parallels between the Melo/D’Antoni situation?

    Max Weisberg

    I think it’s just a build up of frustration from D-Will. People want to make his struggles about one thing, when in reality it’s a combination of things:

    – Injuries, which led to missing shots, which led to lack of confidence in his shot when healthy

    – Avery’s system

    – Lack of personnel at the PF spot

    – Sight lines? ; )

    Benny Nadeau

    Dude is just frustrated and on a cold streak. The better question is whether or not AJ will listen and change the offense or continue to be stubborn.


    In a followup to yesterday’s discussion Lundberg, one of 98.7’s more basketball-centric hosts, re-iterated that D-Will should shut his mouth and said that Avery was getting close to being on the hot seat. He also went on to say that D-Will was “getting close” to being the most overrated player in the league. When questioned about this on twitter, he said he would take “CP3, D Rose, Rondo, Westbrook, T Parker and Kyrie Irving” at PG before D-Will. The ESPN radio host admitted that things such as Deron’s nagging injuries and the coaching situation could change but also said that the 28 year old PG is playing “nowhere near billing” and “from everything” Lundberg has heard (whatever that means), Williams has an attitude problem. Then the fact that the Nets have blown double digit leads in 6 games was brought up, and I wanted to cry….so yeah, as we all have said ad nauseum…D-Will’s frustrated. The team is frustrated. We are frustrated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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