Embarrassed By San Antonio Again: Spurs 111, Nets 86 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Handily outplayed. By an elite point guard. Again.


Hit tough and easy shots alike, but a *solid* offensive showing wasn’t enough against the league’s best team, even without Ginobili and Duncan.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Looks more and more flustered and frustrated with each loss.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Thought he played some really solid minutes, particularly in the first half, but like the rest of the roster, got dogged in the second.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Came out hot early, getting shots inside and out, including a beautiful fadeaway over DeJuan Blair to end the first and another one-footed fadeaway over Tiago Splitter early in the third. Played solid man defense but got caught on pick-and-rolls and it burned them. Was abundantly clear that he could abuse a matchup with DeJuan Blair. An okay-not-great defensive showing that allowed Tony Parker to get open shots off pick-and-rolls. Was the Nets’ best player tonight, but in a blowout.


The #KeithBogansRevengeGame did not go as planned.


I get it — the Nets give him a touch or two early, then maybe one or two throughout the game, so he feels involved. That’s what you do with big men. But with each passing game it becomes more and more obvious that he cannot be a long-term solution as a starting power forward if the Nets want to compete in the Eastern Conference.


  1. How much longer will the Nets organization stand for Dwill getting abused night after night by opposing pg’s? He is stealing money at this point. If he is injured he needs to sit, if he is just lazy he needs to be traded ASAP. I am not buying this nonsense about the system, a good pg will figure out a way to win.