1. STAN VAN GUN-DY!! Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap. Joe Torre is available. Although SVG would totally kill the .01% chance of Dwight Howard coming here. Billy King’s old friend Larry Brown lives close by.

  2. I do feel bad for Avery. Expectations were high, a lot of new pieces. What a difference crossing the Hudson River makes! Although Mike Brown was highly criticized for his Princeton offense, he did make it to the Finals with a Cavs team that had LeBron James and a bunch of backups.

  3. I think whoever it is, it’ll be a high-profile, proven winner type. I doubt we’ll see any first-time head coaches like Ewing.

  4. Whoever it is, it’ll probably be a high-profile, proven-winner type. Not a first-time head coach like Ewing. Wasn’t Carlesimo an assistant under Popovich for five seasons? Nate McMillan had a few overachieving seasons in the NW. I doubt Mo Cheeks would leave the OKC bench now.

    Avery could’ve turned it around but things were looking ugly. Last year everyone was calling for Vinny del Negro’s head, saying he lost the locker room. Now they have the best record in the league.

  5. My last comment: this recent funk is compounded by the fact the Knicks have been ballin’, hitting game-winners at the buzzer. Who would’ve thought a team owned by the Dolans would be the not dysfunctional one in NYC?

  6. remember when the heat started out poorly with the big 3 and riley stuck with spolestra… that worked out.

    but of all the guys available id like to see sloan come here, as ironic as that would be.

  7. Suggesting Jackson is going to come out of retirement to coach the Nets is crazy. And if he did, wouldn’t he demand a clean sweep of the entire organization, including the GM spot? Who is going to advise Prok to go down that route?

    1. I don’t think he would ask for a clean sweep. Billy King has shown himself to be an astute judge of talent and has built a team capable of running the triangle. If Phil went back to the Lakers, however, he would want some assurance that Jim Buss wouldn’t screw him over. That would mean executive power and/or partial ownership.

    2. Oh, also: BK is not a complete a–hole like Jerry Krause. If Phil trusts the organization, meaning BK and Proky, I doubt he will ask for more than what any high profile coach gets: a long-term contract and input on personnel.