Details of Joe Johnson trade emerge: Nets agreed to swap 2014, 2015 first-round picks with Atlanta

Joe Johnson, looking as confused as I am. (AP)

Well, this is an interesting wrinkle. According to a league source for NetsDaily, the Brooklyn Nets agreed to give the Atlanta Hawks the right to swap their 2014 and 2015 first-round picks as part of the Joe Johnson trade. This part of the deal was previously unreported. The Nets still have the right to trade the picks.

How it was learned: I was approached on Twitter this morning by user @SickBeardGame regarding a weird note on RealGM’s transaction page that noted Atlanta’s right to swap 2014 and 2015 picks with Brooklyn. I dismissed it: RealGM’s been wrong on these transaction pages before, no other outlet had reported this, and if RealGM had a scoop of this magnitude, I presumed they would’ve milked it for all it was worth.

But, as it turns out, it’s true. So mea culpa.

More interesting than me being wrong — which occurs relatively often — is that this part of the deal was not mentioned in the official Nets press release regarding the trade, giving the impression that the Nets still owned all of their first-round picks in full through 2017.

Barring injury, the Nets shouldn’t be giving up any lottery picks with this change — they’re constructed as a playoff team — but if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that things can change in an instant in the NBA.


    1. That’s what Net fans should be hoping for. Hawks were smart putting the swapping of 1st rounders (if it was actually their idea, which I’m inclined to believe it was) off for the future, as Nets core will be aging.

  1. “. The Nets still have the right to trade the picks.”
    If this statement is accurate, t they could always use the pick in a trade package.

  2. guys the hawks have the right to switch picks not the if hawks tank they still keep their pick..however, if nets tank hawks can take the nets pick which mite be 1st pick in draft..billy king doesnt care because he’ll be long gone by then

    1. WOW!!!!!! Billy King should have received a draft pick in this trade. Instead, he gave one up, and gave a swap option on two other 1st rd picks.

      I’ve been telling you guys that Billy is an NBA odiot

      1. Of course, ‘idiot’ is proper spelling of the word for what sort of GM Billy has been for the Nets.

        Thank you, Rod

        1. Have you seen the list of flotsam the Nets gave up for a 6-time all-star?

          Swapping picks is not a big deal. Makes it slightly harder to trade them, but all of us here are confident the Nets will finish with a better record than the Hawks in the next few season. (At least we hope so).

          1. Oh, I indeed saw the bundle of trash, plus Rockets 1st rd pick, plus gave the Hawks to swap 2 future 1st rounders with the Nets, for a 6-time all-star whose best days are behind him, and has possibly the worst contract in the NBA (a contract that Hawks were DESPERATE to get rid of.

            Billy King has no idea how take advantage of being in the driver’s seat.

            Nets fans just found out Nets got screwed over harder then was first believed.

  3. I like Joe Johnson a lot, but DAnny Ferry really stuck it to Billy King on this one. The Hawks would have parted with him simply for the salary exchange. I hope King still doesn’t think they are friends.