Deron Williams Had Entirely Too Much Fun Yesterday At Dodge Barrage

Deron Williams hosted the first annual Dodge Barrage in NYC yesterday! All proceeds from the fun event went directly to benefit Williams’s Point of Hope Foundation. In attendance were many of Williams’ teammates, new and old, and included appearances by James Blake and Al Roker. Other than helping out a great cause, it was the perfect stage for Brooklyn’s starting point guard to tweet some genuine hilarity. Today, we give you our favorites. (Is it October yet?)


  1. I went to NYC Public Schools and we had no baseball field or football, soccor fields so Dodge Ball in the indoor gym was our big event in Gym Class.
    That ball hurts especially if you get hit down below.
    Thanks for the coverage guys.
    P.S. Hey Benny, did Devin make up that story about him going one on one with Livingston…(LOL)