Coach P.J. hints at rotation change

P.J. CarlesimoBarring injuries, the Brooklyn Nets have had a relatively set rotation in recent months — a starting five of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans, and Brook Lopez, and a bench filling in around that. But before Sunday night’s nationally televised game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Nets interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo hinted that that may change soon:

“I’m not sure that the bench that is the bench now is going to be the bench in another week or two,” Carlesimo said in response to a question about the team’s overall bench performance.

Carlesimo acknowledged that the bench has been inconsistent in recent weeks, and took responsibility for that issue. “We’ve contributed to that by the ways we’ve subbed and a little bit now with the injuries … They’ve flat-out won some games for us, but I still think we’re not exactly where we need to be.”

The most obvious change would be a switch at the power forward position, moving Reggie Evans to the bench in favor of either Kris Humphries, Mirza Teletovic, Andray Blatche, or a small lineup with Gerald Wallace at the 4.


  1. I would love for it to be Andray, but he provides such a punch off the bench sometimes, I don’t know if I want that in the starting line-up. I vote for Kris for Mirza.

  2. As a replacement starter for Reggie, I think our best option is Keith Bogans. Andray is the foundation of the Bench Mob, don’t want to take that away. Teletovic is absolutely not ready to be a starter, and Kris Humphries is Kris Humphries.

    1. Agree with your first sentence 100%.

      Our lineup of Williams, Johnson, Bogans, Wallace, and Lopez has a NetRtg of +16.9. Of course it’s yet to be seen if this small lineup can work against bigger starting lineups, but I think it’s worth a shot.

      Our lineup of Williams, Johnson, Bogans, Teletovic, and Lopez has a NetRtg of +31.3. (OffRtg of 150.6 (!), DefRtg of 119.3). I think if anything, our starting lineup should be Williams, Johnson, Bogans, Wallace, Lopez and our first sub should be Teletovic for Wallace. It allows Evans to slide to his proper role of a 3rd string PF.

      And here’s a question to ponder: This season — is Keith Bogans (Vets. Minimum contract) better than Gerald Wallace ($10m per year)? I say yes.

    2. I cant watch evans on the floor anymore and watch the nets play 4 on 5 on offense. They should go small and put wallace at the 4 just like the knicks do with carmelo.. i know hes not carmelo but still. Also as good as bogans is playing lately they should start watson at the 2 and move johnson to the three because deron just plays better with watson on the floor plus theres more outside threats and usually when deron williams plays well the nets win

  3. Gerald Wallace should come off the bench. His game is in the mud. Let him come off the bench to bring some energy but as a starter be just hasn’t shown much. He ihas a nice game every other week and there is always the threat of an injury. He isn’t even as great in one on one defense as he use to be. Through Kris Humphries or Tele in at the 4 to start and let Bogans (should have been Gerald Green) start at the 3.

  4. I hope PJ doesn’t stop playing Reggie. I think the team is better off playing Big than it is playing small. And while I believe in Mirza over the long term, he currently misses lots of shots and plays poor defense. This is not his year.

    And yes, I would also play Shengalia at least a few times for significant minutes to see what he can provide. He dominated for stretches in the D-League. I doubt he is ready to play in the NBA. But it would be worth 25 minutes against a team like the Hornets coming up to get a better sense.

    Playoffs are locked though. And getting above the fourth seed is probably impossible. While slipping below the 6th seed is unlikely. And there is no particular difference between starting off against Atlanta or Indiana. So the rest of the season isn’t too important anyway.