HIGHLIGHT: Andrei Kirilenko Tackles Referee in Nets Game

HIGHLIGHT: Andrei Kirilenko Tackles Referee in Nets Game

Andrei Kirilenko is as kinetic as a basketball player gets; his arms flail about purposefully, his body in constant motion on both ends of the floor. Sometimes, his eagerness works against him, sending him just a bit faster than his body normally allows — and even then, he still tries to make the right play […]

Reggie Evans finds JR Smith preposterous.

In the grand scheme of important things going on in the NBA, late August is a rough time for fans. Tracy McGrady retired this week, but many will point out that he’s basically been nonexistent for years anyway. And then Fab Melo was traded to Memphis! Blockbuster trade! Oh, well, then he was released. Yeah, […]

Andray Blatche & Reggie Evans play a 2-on-2 game with a backpack of disabilities on Comedy Central

The Super Late Morning ShowGet More: CC Studios,Animation,Web Series There’s really not much to say about this one except that it’s hilarious. Andray Blatche & Reggie Evans, AKA the Brooklyn Nets answer to Bebop and Rocksteady, play two-on-two against the Lucas Brothers on Comedy Central. Blatche & Evans are two professional basketball players and the […]

My Dinner With Andray

Andray Blatche

MY DINNER WITH ANDRAY Copyright 2013 ANDRAY BLATCHE MARK GINOCCHIO in a film presented by THE BROOKLYN GAME [Mark Ginocchio is walking along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. On the right is the Atlantic Terminal mall and across the street is the Barclays Arena. We hear his voice commenting the action, as a narrator would. […]

The Onion Implores Deron Williams To Stop Drooling

“It’s bad enough when he does it at home, but when we’re all playing in somebody else’s arena, it embarrasses us in front of the other team,” said Nets forward Gerald Wallace, adding that on several occasions he’s caught Williams drooling all over the ball while leading a fast break. “Not only is it gross, […]