Jason Collins is shooting 100 percent on long 2s this season. No one has been better at shooting long 2s than Jason Collins this year.



Kenneth Faried got a little too ambitious on a rebound attempt. Andray Blatche didn't want to give him a piggy-back ride.



Andrei Kirilenko is as kinetic as a basketball player gets; his arms flail about purposefully, his body in constant motion on both ends of the floor. Sometimes, his eagerness works against him, sending him just a bit faster than his body normally allows -- and even then, he still tries to make the right play

When leaping to block a shot with teammate Andray Blatche, Kirilenko swatted the ball sideways by accident, landed awkwardly, and began falling out of bounds as the ball bounded in front of him. While tripping over his own feet, Kirilenko tried to save the ball inbounds, before landing directly on referee Leon Wood and tackling him to the first row of the stands.

No one was injured in the incident, and that'll teach Wood (a former first-round pick and NBA player for six NBA teams, including the Nets and Hawks) to put his back to the court.


After scoring 26 points in the first quarter against his former Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson saw a fair amount of double-teams in the third quarter. He passed quickly out of most, but not every pass hit its intended target... or body part.

Johnson whizzed a cross-court pass intended for Alan Anderson well over his head, smacking an unsuspecting fan who was walking in the aisle right in the noggin. The fan did not hit the ground and appeared to be okay, but the head-ringing gave him quite a shock.

Once they were sure the fan was okay, the hit sent Eagle and Spanarkel into a giggling frenzy, and they poured on the jokes and laughs.


In the grand scheme of important things going on in the NBA, late August is a rough time for fans. Tracy McGrady retired this week, but many will point out that he's basically been nonexistent for years anyway. And then Fab Melo was traded to Memphis! Blockbuster trade! Oh, well, then he was released.

Yeah, late August sucks.

So when Paul Pierce's statements about turning New York into a "Nets Village" goaded everybody's favorite dysfunctional family band member of the crosstown enemy into responding, people were ready for the new rivalry to balloon up even bigger. JR Smith called Paul Pierce "bitter" and added that he liked the Knicks' chances of winning an NBA Championship this year.

And then Reggie Evans happened.

Not one to mince words, Evans stumbled upon the tweeted article and responded in the only real way possible:


In the war of words, it's always good to have someone like Reggie Evans on your side.

Is it October yet?


There's really not much to say about this one except that it's hilarious. Andray Blatche & Reggie Evans, AKA the Brooklyn Nets answer to Bebop and Rocksteady, play two-on-two against the Lucas Brothers on Comedy Central. Blatche & Evans are two professional basketball players and the Lucas Brothers are two professional comedians, so to even the scales, Blatche & Evans have a "backpack of disabilities" designed to distract or hurt their play. (Note: not super comfortable with the term "backpack of disabilities," but I'll let it slide for the sake of the game.)

Some work ("Tiny Lawyer," "Tickle Monster," "Side Chicks," surprisingly), and some don't ("Tiny Turtleneck," "Asthma," "Old Sandwich In Shooting Hand"). What this teaches us: there's no substitute for height, talent, and not being relentlessly tickled by a dude in a pig mask.

(h/t Brooklyn's Finest)


Hey... I get it. Sometimes you gotta tie your shoe. Even if that sometimes is in a professional basketball game, and it comes when Andre Drummond -- who leads all rookies in rebound rate by a wide margin -- is the guy you're supposed to box out. At least Teletovic hit two threes in the first half.


So, you may or may not remember that I did the most ridiculous thing I've done on this site last week; after a lengthy discussion on Twitter, I wrote up a deep comparison casting different members of the Brooklyn Nets as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was an incredibly important addition to basketball's analytical canon, particularly so soon after the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

As it turns out, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles found my post somehow, presumably while looking up the hottest Brooklyn Nets news & analysis they could find (I mean, Raphael is spiritually from Brooklyn), and they decided to send me a surprise thank you package, which, by the way, is the greatest gift I've ever received... MORE →

My Dinner With Andray

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“It’s bad enough when he does it at home, but when we’re all playing in somebody else’s arena, it embarrasses us in front of the other team,” said Nets forward Gerald Wallace, adding that on several occasions he’s caught Williams drooling all over the ball while leading a fast break. “Not only is it gross, it’s just rude. We’re all trying to play basketball here. We don’t need to see that. Did his mother or high school coaches not teach him anything?”

Williams now has a nice conversation starter with Glen Davis, in case he was ever worried about running into him at a cocktail party.

Read More: The Onion: Nets Ask Deron Williams To Close Mouth While Dribbling

I hope you all know that The Onion is satire.