Carlesimo regrets late Lopez benching

P.J. Carlesimo, Brook Lopez

All-Star Brook Lopez. (AP)

According to the New York Daily News, Brooklyn Nets interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo is upset with himself for routinely benching All-Star center Brook Lopez in the fourth quarters of games, calling it “not a good situation”:

“This situation, I created the situation and it’s not a good situation. I worry about it that I need to address it and I worry about it that I need to watch what I do going forward. I don’t worry about it that Brook will let it bother him or Brook will hold a grudge or anything like that.

Lopez has sat the entire fourth quarter in three of the past four games in favor of backup center Andray Blatche, save a few seconds in one of those games. Lopez is averaging 30.3 minutes per game on the season, down from his career average of 34.1 before this year.

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  1. PJC just trying to reinvigorate Brook’s confidence.

    Gasol stole Lopez’s lunch on both ends.

    Marc is a REALLY tough matchup for Lopez.

    Blatch was playing great, and if Lopez and Blatche play together, ZBO is a tough matchup for Andray.

    Nets played a tough game, just missed too many FTs and open shots.

    1. Reinvigorate his confidence? Huh?

      Are you suggesting that the Nets only All-star lacks confidence?

      in their career’s head to head, Lopez averages 16.4 PPG, 2.1 BLKs on 51% shooting. I wouldn’t say that “Marc is a REALLY tough matchup for Lopez.” That’s just flat-out inaccurate.

      Blatche was not “playing well” either. In quarters 1-3, Blatche had 4 points on 2-6 shooting in about 10 minutes of action. He started to percolate once he played with that group that included Williams, Brooks, Bogans, and Teletovic. You think Lopez, our ONLY ALL-STAR, deserves a shot with that lineup?

      Horrible move.

      1. Hey, I know you are ‘pro-Net’ regardless of what they do, but get a grip.

        If you watched last night’s game, you shill, you saw how Marc was totally dominating Brook, on offense and defense.

        Spew what you like, but you just proved you are not an objective observer.

        And as I am in a particularly ‘No BS’ mood, I won’t respond to your next propagana filled response.

        If you are lucky, some teenage unobservant Net fan will back your play.

        1. Pro-Net…hmm.

          So me ripping the coach is pro-Net?

          Use some statistics to back-up your argument once in a while. Your eyes will see what they want to see and until you can back up your claims with some stats (such as “Marc Gasol is a REALLY tough matchup for Lopez) then your argument is null.

          1. ‘Regardless of what they do’. No BS, please, irrelevant stat boy.

            Post some stats from Nets 12 win season, you wannabe piece of the substance that is excreted from a worms hindparts.

    2. PJ’s got a tough choice with who to play such a deep team. Gerald Wallace is his best at the power forward but that won’t work against every team.
      I like Humphries over Reggie because he can score and isn’t so clumsy.

      In the Memphis game Blatche and Lopez would have worked in my opinion but Mirza played good as well.

  2. I think Lopez’s struggles might in part have to do with the lineup he’s been playing with. Wallace and Evans are just giving the Nets nothing on offense, so teams can just swarm Lopez with no fear. Everything is hard for him right now around the basket. The fact that Wallace and Evans were also benched in the fourth makes it clear that PJ understands that.

    Blatche is a dynamic scorer, he was probably playing the best D of anyone on Z-Bo last night, and his strong play is what’s led PJ to want to stick with him over this stretch. Obviously it’s ridiculous to keep benching Lopez in the fourth when the Nets keep losing though.

    Anyway, I think the Nets should start playing Lopez and Blatche together, but only at the start and end of games. For the majority of the game Blatche can be treated like the backup Center, but those are the Nets best two bigs, and I think at the start and end of games you need to have your best players on the floor.

    I’m really sick of watching the Nets play with Wallace and Evans together on the floor right now, it’s awful offensively, and easily exploitable defensively.

    PJ needs to put his players in a position to succeed, and he’s not doing a very good job of it right now. That the game was so close says something about the talent on this team, but they’ve got to figure out the proper rotation to use it effectively.

    1. Evans is so so on D besides rebounding, Walllace is a good defender but both of them hassn’t been producing.

      They really could use a small forward there D-league team traded for a small forward supposedly the NETS like Kris Joseph.

    2. PJ’s done a good job not having a training camp and all. Over the summer some moves need to be made for sure.

    3. So if Blatche thrives in that lineup in the 4th quarter last night, with Teletotvic spacing the floor, why would PJ Carlesimo think that Lopez would not?

      Again, Blatche was not having anymore success than Lopez until that 4th quarter (quarters 1-3 he was 2-6 for 4 points in 10 minutes), yet our ALL-STAR center doesn’t even get a shot to play with that lineup?

      Just seems very ignorant. You hit on it in your first paragraph.

      1. I’m not sold on Teletovic as the answer at PF as of now. I do think he needs more minutes over the course of game, but until he starts becoming more consistent with his 3 (He was 1 -3 from three against Memphis) and has a better feel for the speed of an NBA, I don’t think you can start him at the four.

        Blatche has been at his best when he plays within and maybe starting instead of coming off the bench could get him to do that a little more contently. Reggie is consistently getting dump off passes at the basket, and his inability to do anything with them drives me nuts. I just think Blatche is the best option to fill in and upgrade for Evans in how the Nets offense has been running with the starters recently.

        And if he continues to do bonehead things out there, maybe Mirza will be ready to step in after he’s gotten some more experience on the floor with additional minutes.

  3. I think we were seeing that not extending PJ’s contract was the right move. PJ might be good with the players, but he is struggling to adapt to the modern NBA game and matchup with other teams. The Nets have more talent than most teams in the league but not Gerald Wallace more at PF and not playing Lopez and Blatche together just doesn’t make much sense. Also, he appears to have no gameplan when Mirza sits until the 4th quarter. If you think Mirza will be useful, why not get him in the regular rotation instead of waiting until whatever sorry lineups you put out for 3 quarters don’t work?