Brooklyn Nets 4th, D-Will 6th in NBA in merchandise sales

Deron Williams

Deron Williams (AP)

What a difference a year makes. In their first year in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets top out at 4th in the NBA in merchandise sales this season, behind only the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Deron Williams’s jersey is sixth among all NBA players in sales.

Despite playing in a league with only 30 teams, the Nets were 31st in merchandise sales in their final year in New Jersey. They trailed all 29 other NBA teams, plus the now-defunct Seattle Supersonics. Modell’s, the Nets’ official sporting goods retailer, sold more Nets merchandise during the first day of the new branding than all of last season.

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s jersey topped the NBA in sales in the most recent sales period.

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