Brook Lopez Didn’t Make The All-Star Team Because All-Star Voting Is Stupid

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez, in the midst of the best season of his career, was snubbed from the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves in favor of Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler, and Miami Heat center-ish Chris Bosh.

The coaches vote for players, and coaches cannot vote for players on their own team. It was suggested by Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, and Chris Broussard that coaches did not want to vote for Brooklyn Nets players because of Avery Johnson’s firing. If that’s the case, choosing not to vote for an All-Star caliber player because of an ownership choice is a decision so mind-bendingly moronic I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. If coaches make their decisions on who the best players in the conference are based on something not involving the players, then not only should coaches not be allowed to vote, they should be given an immediate crash course on reality and the cognitive process.

Anyway, on to Brook Lopez. Brook Lopez is averaging 18.6 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks in 29.4 minutes per game. That adds up to 22.8 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per 36 minutes. He’s shooting 52.1% from the field. Let’s take a look at the list of players in the NBA currently averaging 22+ points, 9+ rebounds, and 2+ blocks per 36 minutes on 50% shooting or higher:

  • 1) Brook Lopez

Oh. That’s it.

The Nets outscore opponents by six points per 100 possessions with Lopez on the court, best on the team that’s currently the third-best team in the East. The team allows just 101.4 points per 100 possessions with Lopez on the court. That’s better than all other Nets rotation players not named Reggie Evans. That’s better than the New York Knicks with All-Star Center Tyson Chandler (103.7). That’s better than the Miami Heat with All-Star Center/Forward/Whatever position Heat players play Chris Bosh (102.2).

Brook Lopez is fourth in the NBA in PER, the all-encompassing statistic invented by John Hollinger, behind only LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul. (And please don’t moan at me about how PER is flawed, because every statistic is flawed.) I don’t know the last time a player who was fourth in the NBA in PER missed an All-Star team, but I’m going to bet it’s been a very, very long time. He’s isn’t a bad defender anymore. He’s not a bad rebounder anymore. He’s more agile. He’s got a touch around the basket nearly unmatched in the league. He’s even treating double-teams with the efficiency of a veteran, one of his biggest issues in his first two years. He’s perhaps the most skilled offensive big man in the league, and has scored more points off cuts than any player in the NBA.

Two Boston Celtics were named All-Star starters. The Celtics are 8th in the East. The starters are selected by fan voting? Then look at the two Chicago Bulls players were selected as reserves by the coaches. The Bulls are 4th in the East. The Nets are 3rd, and have zero All-Stars.

The coaches can vote for whoever they want, for whatever idiotic reason they choose. Look at the production, look at how the team’s performed with him on and off the court, look at how he compares to other frontcourt — nay, other players across positions — in the Eastern Conference, and you can only come to one conclusion: Brook Lopez is one of the best 12 players in the Eastern Conference this season.

Yes, I’m biased. But in my defense, I’m also right.


  1. I can’t get mad with Noah and Chandler making it. Lopez should have gotten it over Garnett, who was chosen by the fans purely by name recognition. Bosh is a good choice too. I thought Lopez deserved it over Luol Deng but then that’s four big men on the bench. I don’t know, man. I’m trying to see some logic here. But like I said previously, this could motivate him to be nasty now. We’ll see tomorrow.

    I love Kyrie and Jrue is certainly deserving but their teams’ combined wins are just two more than the Nets, third best team in the East. I think D Will should have gotten one of those spots.

  2. Honestly, do you guys really give a Flying F about the All-Star game?

    If you do, I kinda feel sorry for you.

    1. Echoing what Dan said, it has nothing to do with the game. It is about Brook getting the recognition he deserves.

      And since analysts make a big deal about the record of teams when players are selected, the Nets have the third best record in the East, but no all stars, making the snub even more egregious. And this isn’t the fans selecting the reserves, these are COACHES.

      So yes, we have a right to be upset and care. And if getting worked up about a bunch of grown men throwing an orange sphere through a hoop isn’t ridiculous, caring at least a little bit about our favorite players getting recognition from the league isn’t ridiculous.

  3. It’s not so much about the game but the selection. In the NBA, more so than any other sport where each team is guaranteed one representative, All Star selection is a distinct honor. Granted probably too being made of it, but I think fans have a reason to feel slighted

  4. Brook got screwed. He is the best center in the East and definitely in NY. I only care because Brook has been my favorite player since Kidd and he most definitely deserves the honor. Hopefully…he will enjoy an Atlantic division crown as a consolation.

  5. The whole thing is absurd. The idiots on TNT were actually arguing for JR Smith, who went 3-18 again and is shooting .405 for the year. Joke.

  6. He still has a shot of making it but with multiple first-time selections the phantom injury bug that tends to strike around the time of the ASG might not be so prevalent.

  7. Brook Lopez has arrived this year and has improved his game dramatically IMO. I feel he should be an all-star but I understand how voters who haven’t probably seen him play much snubbed him. Even a lot of Nets fans thought he was a “bum”. But word is slowly spreading now that Lopez is the real deal. He is only 24 so he will have plenty of time to become a NBA all-star.

    1. At first I was disappointed for Brook, he’s a humble “normal” guy in basketball terms. I like him because he doesn’t mad mug when dunking or posterize and showboat.

      I’m thinking considering injuries perhaps it will be a blessing to have no players in the All Stars but Brook definitely deserved it.

      I see Brook as not letting it bother him but it sure would have sparked his confidence which all players need. Especially by the ref’s who definitely favor the “stars” with their calls.

      Anyway, no injuries for us due to these “All Star” games, could be a good thing.

  8. They didnt want Brook simply because they dont consider his game to be “exciting” enough. The All-star game has become more of a ‘show’, than anything else, these days.

    By the way I’m not crazy about our team’s new uniforms. Couldn’t they wear last year’s uniforms once in awhile? Those uniforms were classic! They had style, and they emanated power!

    They could just replace the words “New Jersey” with “Brooklyn”. Someone should start an online petiton asking the Nets to wear their old uni’s once in awhile. The new one’s are so boring.