Blown out in D.C.: Wizards 89, Nets 74 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Started to hit his shots a half too late, and nearly exploded in frustration three quarters too late. Outclassed by John Wall. Took 20 shots to get 20 points.


One of the better offensive showings on the Nets tonight, and he was pedestrian at best.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Had one nice cut to the basket for a layup, and airballed a corner 3. That’s all I got.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

The Bobcats have reportedly offered Ben Gordo n for Kris Humphries. Billy King was watching this entire game from the tunnel.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Lopez’s biggest strength is his ability to find space on the low block or below the basket and get easy shots at and near the rim. He didn’t do that tonight. Was outplayed by Nene and gave up careless turnovers. One of his worst games this year.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Played like he was taking the Washington boos and “BLATCHE YOU SUCK” chants personally. He’s not good when he takes things personally.


Had some good moments defending the pick-and-roll, specifically in the third quarter, but when those are your best moments…

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Airball streak: 4.


  1. Watch 2 consecutive DWill offensive possessions between the 8-7 minute marks of the 4th qtr, and you will see why this team can’t approach contender status.

      1. I’ll try. Two offensive plays.

        First one, Deron on fastbreak, with only his defender in front of him.

        Deron pulls up at about 10 feet, realizing he cannot take his man, and tries to run an offense

        2nd play, (the next one), just about the same, again Deron realizes he cannot take the one man (a guard) between himself and the basket, tries for the quick 10 foot pullup jumper. Blocked.

        This is during that small period of time the Nets were playing semi-inspired

  2. Sickening loss!

    Yes, the Wizards have improved, but to give up a 22-2 run in the first half?! Unacceptable!!!

    Seen too many shots go in-and-out. Yes, shots were not falling for us, but when that happens, you gotta execute your ball screens and picks and attack the basket.

    The only thing that made me happy about this game was seeing Deron Williams get a little upset at his team when he was the only one wanting to hustle. We need a emotional floor leader who will ignite fires in the hearts of the other players. Deron must develop that, but that requires that he play better. And that goes for Joe Johnson. We need better and consistent production from you both

  3. I’m so sick of watching these Nets struggle against teams they should dominate. D-Will and JJ have to stop playing such mediocre ball and realize that they have the talent to be the best backcourt in the league. Everyone just needs to play smarter, more consistent basketball and we’ll avoid frustrating losses like this.

      1. Agreed. I really think this team has the talent to be one of the top teams in the East and make a deep playoff run, they’re just not reaching their potential or playing good team basketball.

      2. I think the players care. As much as they should? Probably not.

        I think the issues lie within the system. It hasn’t changed with PJ, so if it wasn’t working under Avery, people are nuts to assume it will magically work under PJ now.

        Unfortunately, it’s just a case of oil and water. This roster doesn’t mix with what the coach wants to do and the coach doesn’t have the right players to fit his system. A star PG in a notoriously PG killing system is not going to get it done.

        Since you can’t change the roster, it will be the coach who will go. Will trades make us better? Sure, but the system will remain for the season and so will the core players. Unfortunately we may have to wait until next season.

        1. Sorry, Deron not taking it to the basket with one player in front of him on a fastbreak TWICE in a row disputes your theory.

          Deron just ain’t got it no ‘mo.

          Right now, only a time machine could make Nets better.