Nets Acquire Thaddeus Young For Kevin Garnett: Grade the Trade

Grade the Trade: Nets acquire Thaddeus Young. Ryan Carbain: B+. Young represents precisely the type of player the Nets need: athletic, defensive-minded, with the range and passing to play alongside Plumlee and Lopez. But, make no mistake, the Nets will miss Kevin Garnett. He was unquestionably the team’s best defender, rebounder, and critical to holding […]

Brooklyn Nets 2014-2015 Midseason Grades

Alan Anderson   
Stats: 52 G, 11 GS, 23.3 MIN, 6.6 PTS, 2.7 REB, 1.0 AST, 0.8 STL, 0.1 BLK,  .425 FG%, .329 3PT%, .791% FT, 9.4 PER

When things go wrong, the mob tends to choose a scapegoat. And at times this season, Nets Twitter fixed its pitchforks right at Alan Anderson.

At first glance, the mob’s scorn seems warranted. His mistakes are easy to point out: pedestrian statistics; a streaky jump shot exacerbated by an occasionally shakier shot selection; and aggressive close-outs that lead to bail out free throws.

But dig a little deeper and Anderson shows he’s skilled at the role of wing defender. He makes quick decisions: faking a hard close-out on a stronger shooter to get the ball in the hands of a lesser shooter, sniffing out cuts and denying the ball to the league’s best scorers. His offense is lacking, but he’s generally content to space the floor and focus on the end of the court where he’s most needed.

Despite being tasked with the toughest defensive assignments ranging from point guard to small forward, with Anderson on the court, the defense performs well. With Anderson on the court, the Nets allow just 100.8 points per 100 possessions – best among the team's wing players, and a rating that would rank in the league’s top 10 defenses. When Anderson is off the court, the team has a 108.2 defensive rating -- worse than the Nets’ borough rivals, the New York Knicks. (In fairness, the team’s offense plummets with him on the court, but it’s not so hot with him off the court either.)

He’s not an All-Star by any stretch of the imagination, but in a trying season, he’s one of the few players consistently playing his role. So Nets fans: maybe aim the pitchforks elsewhere? -Ryan Carbain
GRADE: B-The Brooklyn Nets stumbled into the All-Star break, at 21-31 and fighting for one of the last playoff spots in a weak Eastern Conference. So what’s the problem? Who performed? Who didn’t? That’s what we’ll dig into in The Brooklyn Game’s Midseason Grades. They’ll be rolled out throughout the weekend here.