5 Best Trades in Nets Franchise History

Will Nets GM Billy King add to this list today?

Happy Trade Deadline Day! After 3 P.M. EST today, teams are no longer allowed to make trades, which usually results in a scramble to make moves as quickly as possible to get them in by the deadline. In the last 72 hours before the 2011 trade deadline, 50 players were traded — including then-Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams to the then-New Jersey Nets.

In honor of today’s basketball importance, let’s take a look back at history: here are the best five Nets trades of all time.

Start Here: #5 (2004)


  1. Wait… an appropriate level of respect for Rick Barry and Doc? How did this get past the editors? Everyone knows the Nets began in the ’90s….

  2. Buck Williams for Sam Bowie and Mookie Blalock was a good (under rated) deal for the Nets – although not top 5. Bowie had 3 good seasons as the Nets center. Blalock did a good job at the point. Buck wanted to move to a contender and was starting on the downside of his career.

  3. Putting the Gerald Wallace eal up there is not fair because the Nets would NOT have drafted Damon Lillard at #6. They would have drafted Harrison Barnes at that spot.

  4. Jim Pollard (a 6′ 4″ white guy) was known to have been able to dunk from the free throw line. And Wilt could with ease. So Dr. J was hardly the first free throw line dunker. But he is our best trade. And somewhat ironic that the Nets got him for financial reasons and then would lose him the same way.

    From Wikipedia:
    In the NBA, Pollard was considered one of the best forwards in the 1940s and 1950s, and was known for his leaping ability[1] (Pollard would occasionally dunk from the free throw line during warmups[2]) earning him the nickname “The Kangaroo Kid”.

  5. Have to disagree about Vince Carter.  Never liked that trade, even if it cost relatively nothing.  He made for great highlight reels, but those highlights didn’t translate into deep playoff runs.  As for Kidd vs. Dr. J, that’s a tough one.  Either one could be considered the best trade, but I’m leading towards Marbury for Kidd because we got rid of a cancer and gained a player who single-handedly turned our team around.  The net gain was much greater than it was for the Dr. J trade.