YES Network’s Donny Marshall, Jim Spanarkel Preview Nets-Raptors

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Jim Spanarkel

Donny Marshall’s Take On…

Donny Marshall
Donny Marshall
Nets’ keys: For the Nets, transition is important, because Toronto is one of those teams that just wants to get out and run you. They think the Nets are an old team, so let’s just run ‘em, run ’em, run ‘em. If you think about it, they (the Nets) are an older team, but it’s not like you have five KGs on the floor at one time. You have youth with Joe and Deron and Livingston and Thornton and those guys. But I still think, at the same time, they just need to slow transitions, limit those transition points, and then try to just win the points in the paint. It seems like that’s (points in the paint) been the strength of the Nets all season long, whether it’s dribble penetration, getting to the basket…D-Will being more aggressive, which I think is huge.

The Nets’ bench: To me, the main key for the Nets is their bench. They led the league in scoring off the bench (during the regular season) and they need to get back after it. Mirza, Thornton, Anderson coming in, obviously Plumlee going a job inside trying to control the glass. And then Andray Blatche is the X factor, in my opinion.

On the Nets returning to New York after Game 1: He (Kidd) wanted to make sure he got his guys back home after the game. He said they did that for a reason. As much together time not in the city as he could get was good. He thought that would carry over on to the court.

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