What’s in the kit?

Jason Terry
“Call it ‘the kit’.” – Jason Terry
“Call it ‘the kit’.” – Jason Terry

What’s on this list, you ask?

The Nets are sworn to secrecy.

“Call it ‘the kit,’” said Terry. “What’s in the kit, you’ll never know.”

“Last night, he was very busy. He had a long grocery list of things to do last night, and he got everything done.”

So we may never know. Plumlee is okay with the treatment — as if he had a choice.

“They are cool, but there are definitely some things you’ve got to do,” said Plumlee. “I’ve only been with this team for about 18 hours and I’ve had a lot to do. But, it’s part of being a pro.”

The rookie will get his turn. As the lone Duke “veteran” (if you don’t count Billy King), they’ll be needing him to find the hot spots on campus, where to go during free time, and where to have their nightly team dinners.

Last night, the team held their first dinner, and Terry mentioned that everyone got their turn to speak about their hopes for the season, “but some guys just speak a little louder than others,” implying that KG had a few extra words on the upcoming year.

There isn’t a better place for Plumlee to begin his NBA career than the very place he ended his successful collegiate one.

But he still has a long way to go before he’s sealed a spot with the Nets.