5 Ways The Thaddeus Young Trade Has Revitalized The Nets

4. He keeps the Lopez-Plumlee tandem off the floor.

With Mirza Teletovic out and Kevin Garnett limited to 20 minutes per game, the Nets relied on the frontcourt duo of Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee. It was a disaster: the duo posted a -17.2 net rating in 293 minutes.

But since the Young trade, Lopez and Plumlee have logged just five minutes together. That the Nets have surged in that time is no coincidence.

So far, Young has fit in nicely alongside Lopez. Lineups featuring the two sport a +9.6 net rating in 65 minutes. It’s too early to tell how effective Young and Plumlee will be, as the two have played just 10 minutes together, but it’s unlikely the two will struggle together to the degree Lopez and Plumlee have.


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