Send an NBA game to overtime (or win it) with this one weird trick!

That last shot on the second play came with a bit of contention: it was ruled a two-pointer on the floor, which tied the game at 105-105 with 26.8 seconds left. But it was an incredibly close play, one that took the referees minutes to decide whether to overturn.

The only problem: there were no clear shots of Williams’s feet that would change the call in either direction. Watch it again, with the replays this time:

It was the kind of shot that wouldn’t be overturned no matter which way the shot was called. Check out the two best replays given by YES:

@ CHA 2 2 Ident Plays Screen Shot 3_26_14, 10.21 PM

@ CHA 2 2 Ident Plays Screen Shot 3_26_14, 10.22 PM

If you find those conclusive in either direction, you’re either a sorcerer or a liar, and most sorcerers I know are liars.

Unfortunately for the Nets, that shot changed the course of the game: had it been ruled a three-pointer, they would’ve been up one with 26.8 seconds left and a chance at one more shot even if the Bobcats ran their clock all the way down. But the Bobcats didn’t get an attempt off, the game went to overtime, and Brooklyn lost, 116-111.

The loss also dropped the Nets to 2.5 games behind the Toronto Raptors in the Atlantic Division, who beat the Boston Celtics 99-90 Wednesday night.

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