Backs Against The Wall: Nets-Raptors Things To Watch

Patrick Patterson, Paul Pierce, Amir Johnson
The Nets hope to set up a Game 7 tonight. (AP)

The crowd.

It’s weird that in this series, with the “F— Brooklyn” chant from the Raptors GM and the courtside lint rolling incident from Drake, the biggest story has been whether or not Nets fans cheer loudly enough. I admit, it’s a weird thing to focus on, but the Nets brought that focus on themselves (if you consider an organization a monolith) with a tweet from this now-famous tweet from beat reporter Lenn Robbins on the team’s official account:

The Nets have responded to themselves with an apology tweet and an arena full of free t-shirts, which bolster the arena’s atmosphere. Fans in Barclays Center are often reactive, not proactive, cheering for greatness when presented rather than anticipating it. Will they (you?) bring the noise for Game 5?


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