Meet the New Guys

They’re in. Are you?

4) Jason Terry

Hello Brooklyn. I’m #31, Jason Terry, 2009 Sixth Man of the Year and I’ll shoot whenever I feel like it.

Similarly, I did the same thing with JET. Joining us now, is Brendan Jackson from Celtics Hub, the best Celtics blog on the net, to talk a little Jason Terry. Take it away my man.

1. So last time I really watched Jason Terry, he was hitting 3s in the NBA Finals for the Mavs. The C’s pretty much begged the Nets to take him. What happened?

Last season, Terry had a down year for his career standards but, in reality, his game had started to diminish his last year in Dallas.  If the Celtics were still in the Championship hunt, I don’t think they would mind having a veteran who can knock down the occasional three point shot. On a lottery team, however, over five million dollars a season is a lot to pay a bench player.

2. Do you think he improves upon last year? What can Nets fans expect out of this dude?

Terry was supposed to replace Ray Allen in terms of offensive output. Those are high expectations.  In Brooklyn, he’ll get to run around catching passes from Shaun Livingston and play the two-man game with Andrei Kirilenko.  Given that his expectations will be much lower, I think he’ll be a solid asset off the bench.  Expect him to drill big threes, run his mouth, and streak the jet up the court.

3. What did he do offensively for the Celtics?

Terry’s strengths throughout his career have been shooting, running the pick and roll, and creating off the dribble.  Last season, Terry’s shooting tailed off at the end, his pick and roll was decent, and he couldn’t create off the dribble.

4. What did he do defensively for the Celtics?

Terry never had the size to guard two guards and now lacks the foot speed to keep up with point guards. He’s one of those veterans that tries hard, doesn’t quit, and isn’t afraid to get dunked on.  Personally, I find those qualities, even in a poor defender, valuable. 

5. How do you see Brooklyn’s JET-era playing out?

Terry will likely play out his contract in Brooklyn and go one of two ways: 1)  He could decide that he has done enough in his career and hang up the hightops; or 2) he could decide he wants to accept the veteran minimum and chase a ring.  In two years, though, will anyone want him?

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