6 Nets Trade Ideas To Celebrate January 15th

Kris Humphries

Using The Trade Exceptions

The Brooklyn Nets have two sneaky ways to take on players without sending out any additional salary in return: trade exceptions. The two exceptions, created in last year’s Gerald Wallace trade, expire if they’re not used before this year’s deadline, and are worth 1,389,000 and 1,377,383, respectively. They can each be used to acquire a player with up to that salary, but cannot be combined — i.e., the Nets could trade for two players that each had salaries worth $1.3 million, but they couldn’t trade for one player who had a salary worth $2.6 million.

They might need to add some cash or draft picks to sweeten the pot, but here are some ideas for players the Nets could acquire with their trade exceptions:

1) Evan Fournier: The Nets were big fans of the French Fournier heading into the NBA draft last season — they hosted an NBA Combine in May 2012 with the intent of getting a serious look at Fournier, only for him to suffer an injury shortly before the combine and skip the trip. Fournier isn’t getting much playing time in Denver, but has scored effectively in his short time on the floor.

2) Quincy Pondexter: Other than having a most excellent name, the 6’6″ Pondexter has developed into a solid three-point shooting threat in his third year (now with Memphis), and could be a serviceable backup swing/small forward.

3) DeJuan Blair: Blair has been considered a potential trade candidate from San Antonio for some time now, and he’d be a welcome addition to the Nets’ frontcourt: he’s undersized but with an enormous wingspan, with an appetite for rebounds that resembles Reggie Evans and more scoring talent. If the Spurs are looking to unload him and can’t find a suitor, they might settle for just shedding the contract and getting a draft pick in return. With that said, knowing the Spurs organization, it’s always a little unsettling when they’re willing to get rid of a player. What do they know?

4) Tyler Honeycutt: Honeycutt is a long, skinny athletic forward who couldn’t get off the bench in Sacramento, and will likely get less of a shot in Houston. He’s not on the same talent level as the other four players on this list, but as a result might be easier to obtain: a low-risk, low-reward player who might be worth buying out to stash in the D-League. Also, he did this to Michael Beasley once.

5) DeMarre Carroll: Carroll has been an effective player off Utah’s bench this year, so it’ll probably take more than swallowing his contract to entice Utah. Carroll is a multi-talented forward that can score, defend, grab offensive rebounds, and handle the ball. He’s also a big fan of golf (big among Nets players in New Jersey) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so he’s already got a step up in my book.

-Devin Kharpertian

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