What’s next for the Nets’ free agents?

Shaun Livingston, Deron Williams
Shaun Livingston (left) is a free agent. (AP)
Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston: Livingston signed a one-year contract worth the league minimum last season and had the best season of his career, cementing himself as a versatile defender and athletic off-guard with a soft touch within ten feet. After a career derailed by injury, Livingston looks to cash in on his talents for the first time in his career, and is expected to sign a multi-year deal worth more than the three years and $10 million the Nets can offer.

Livingston has reportedly gotten interest from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings, both teams that can offer Livingston more than the Nets can. We also looked at five potential Shaun Livingston free agency destinations (including the Nets).

Final thought: One more thing to keep an eye on: Livingston was a big supporter of Kidd, and the Bucks have the cap room to bring him on. Whether it’s Milwaukee or elsewhere, he’s likely gone.