Nets-Hawks Playoff Preview: Do The Nets Have A Snowball’s Chance In Kyle Korver’s Shooting Hand?

The Nets are the underdogs against Al Horford & the Hawks. (AP)

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Deron Williams can still create for others off the dribble, and we’ve gone at length in this space about how Williams and Lopez have renewed their chemistry with a sweet pocket pass. He’s averaged 3.4 assists per game to Lopez since the team was 25-38 on March 12th, double his next most common target.[note]Thaddeus Young has received 1.7 assists from Williams per game since March 12th.[/note]

But the other part of that above article, which shows Williams driving to the basket past Avery Bradley, looks like fool’s gold. Williams finished the season with career-lows in two-point percentage (39.5%) and effective field goal percentage (44.3%). He missed 36 of his final 47 shots in the regular season, including an abysmal 6-for-25 from within eight feet:

Deron Williams shot chart, final four games of the regular season. (NBA)
Deron Williams shot chart, final four games of the regular season. (NBA)

Teague has no such affliction. He finished the season playing limited minutes after Atlanta clinched the top seed, and the Hawks trust him to initiate the offensive action and make quick decisions. He’s the initial prong of a disruptive defense that forces more turnovers per possession than all but two NBA teams, as he’s both able to read passing and driving lanes and use his quick hands to cause deflections.

Williams has some value as a creator for others and a spot-up three-point shooter if he plays off the ball. But Teague runs a high-octane offense and creates havoc defensively, two things Williams can no longer claim.

Edge: Hawks


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