Battle For New York: NY Basketball Power Rankings

Dwight Howard, Deron Williams

NY Power Rankings, 15-11:

Steve Novak New York Knicks15) Steve Novak: Question, guidance counselor: I’m a white guy from Wisconsin that has the foot speed of a beached whale. What should I do for a living? If your name is Steve Novak, play professional basketball, because you have a jump shot that has been purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Novak hasn’t shot treys as successfully as past years, but he still maintains a respectably excellent 42.5% 3-point percentage.

14) Jerry Stackhouse: This was supposed to be a ceremonial roster spot, right? A de facto player-coach, comprende? Don’t tell that to the 38-year-old journeyman who hits corner threes like its his job (What’s that? Oh, it is his job) in limited time. The numbers have started to come back to earth, but he’s still got an asinine — no asi-ten — Net48 of +18.8.

13) Ronnie Brewer: Nothing about Ronnie Brewer is sexy. Not his game, not his headband, and definitely not that ugly shot. But the former Arkansas Mr. Basketball has found his niche with the Knicks, playing perimeter defense and hitting shots when called on. The ladies may chase after the bad boy, but they marry Mr. Reliable.

12) Kris Humphries: Mediocrity, thy name is Hump. The former double-double machine got paid in the offseason and turned into an 8/8 factory. Humphries isn’t the reason the Nets lose, and he isn’t the reason the Nets win. On Sunday against the Bucks (yes, the game did happen, even if Nets fans don’t want to acknowledge it) he even saw Reggie Evans start in his place. But the former Mr. Kardashian has found his niche as an advocate for tetanus vaccination awareness.

11) Reggie Evans: The Nets flopped when they tried to bring Marvel into the NBA with The BrooklyKnight. The comic book world would succeed in such pop culture crossover if they renamed the Beast “Reginald Evans”. Flail Boy Magic Mr. Floptastic don’t play no offense, but he does rebound (a league leading 20 rebounds per 48), play solid defense and sports an underrated beard game and passing arsenal.
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