After using the hapless Toronto Raptors to snap their five-game losing streak, the Nets return to the Barclays Center (tonight, 7:30pm) to face another team that, on paper, the Nets should beat with relative ease, the Detroit Pistons. However, long-endured fans of the Nets know that no matter how clear the talent discrepancy may be, usually nothing comes easy.

The Pistons could present the Nets with some challenges in the front-court where Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond may feast on the Nets, especially if Brook Lopez misses tonight's game (Listed as PROBABLE).

Joining me to share some insight on the current state of the Pistons is Patrick Hayes of Piston Powered, the Detroit Pistons ESPN TrueHoop affiliate. For real time takes on tonight's game from the Pistons point of view you can give him a follow. I asked him three questions about the Pistons and tonight's game.

Away we go!

Patrick Hayes on the Detroit Pistons

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