"It was just too much one-on-one. I don't mind the one-on-one at the end of the shot clock, but we're playing the 1-on-1 in the beginning of the shot clock. We've had to take a look at how we function in those situations, have a little bit more ball and player movement, a little more continuity, but none of it is going to work unless we make good passes, set good screens, space the floor properly, and don't turn the ball over."

- Avery Johnson

More sets and less isolations was the edict Avery Johnson promised after the Brooklyn Nets' humbling loss to the New York Knicks. With three days off to practice and fine-tune their offense, the Nets needed to showcase a crisper offense, featuring more ball and man movement.

That's precisely what they did in topping the 76ers 95-92 Sunday afternoon.... MORE →