Villain. (AP/Kathy Willens)

As someone who takes comic book culture very seriously, I think it’s imperative that every hero has his perfect foil, an adversary that poses a serious threat and must be defeated soundly for victory to be declared. In comic book terms, Batman has the Joker, Spider-Man has Doctor Octopus, and the X-Men had Magneto. In basketball terms, Bird had Magic, the 90s Knicks had Jordan, and the entire city of Cleveland has LeBron.

In their still-blossoming rivalry with each other, the Knicks and Nets have played two hard-fought, high-spirited games with each other where heroes have emerged for both sides. But from the perspective of Nets fans, a true supervillain has emerged – someone who is guaranteed to torment the Brooklyn franchise for years to come. ... MORE →


Most people know by now that Brook Lopez is a comic book fiend. During the Brooklyn Nets' media day, he noted that he's coming to Brooklyn all the time, mostly to check out Bergen Street Comics. But Brook is more than just a reader -- he's a writer, too.

"My twin brother (Robin) and I, we're always writing, creating stuff," Lopez said after practice today. "A lot of it's action & adventure, but it takes from a lot of different genres."

He's also hopeful about getting things published. "We have lots of finished ideas, we need to work on getting them published now. We've been in a lot of meetings with a lot of different companies. It takes time, and in this offseason a lot was going on."

Brook refused to give away any details about the books -- "Robin would bite my head off."