After originating at Zuccotti Park, the Occupy Wall Street protests have spread throughout the nation, hitting cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland, et al. Additional movements popped up in New York City, and Occupy Brooklyn has hit Atlantic Yards in protest.

Famed protester Daniel Goldstein, known best for heading Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn until reaching a settlement with Bruce Ratner worth roughly $3 million, was on hand to protest, stating that "There is no greater monument to crony capitalism in all of Brooklyn than the Atlantic Yards Project."

According to the terms of Goldstein's $3 million settlement, he "cannot actively oppose the project." Oops. While I'm not sure if this qualifies as "actively opposing" under the specific language in the settlement, it's safe to say this isn't exactly "actively promoting."


So after all of the court dates, changed dates, boycotts, and assumptions the Brooklyn Nets will finally become official after today's groundbreaking ceremony.  Join me @ 1:30 for a live-blog here.  You can either read along or add to the discussion in the comments.  See you at 1:30.

1:28 - Alright guys, I got the ceremony tuned on and ready to go.  It is on YES for those in the tri-state area.  I caught the tail end of an episode of Nets' magazine, and they were talking T-Will.  A quote from him, "My goal for this team is everyone goes out and plays as hard as they can."

1:30 - ...and here we go...

1:31 - We got Chris Shearn and Jessica Taff here.  Such a big day you'd think YES would break the bank to get Marv and the Czar here today.

1:34 - They just showed all of the shovels.  There were a lot of them, how many people are here?  A quote from Chris Shearn, "When the shovels go into the ground, there will be a lot of happy people."

1:36 - They are listing celebrities from Brooklyn, and Debra Messing got mentioned.  I hope this isn't what is going to be going on the entire hour.  Seems they are just killing time until the speakers get going.

1:39 - Jessica Taft just mentioned that this project will create jobs...for the third time.  They are looking for things to kill time with.  Apparently everyone has been asked to take their seats.

1:40 - Now we are getting to the awesome stuff.  They are making the practice facility so that people walking along the streets can see inside.  They have this for the Pacers in Conseco Fieldhouse, and I saw it when I was in Indiana.  I gotta say, even when it is empty it is pretty surreal to walk by and be able to see where NBA players practice.

1:42 - Because I write for NetsAreScorching, I am on the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn e-mail list.  They are calling this the "Ratner's Arena Boondoggle Ceremony."  Now, I don't agree with the DDDB, but I gotta say, that is pretty funny.  I wonder if we are going to be able to catch any protesters on TV.

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