Anthony MorrowFormer New Jersey Nets guard Anthony Morrow left the team this summer in the trade that helped the Nets acquire Joe Johnson. But does he miss it?

Considering some of the tweets Morrow has retweeted tonight -- many from Nets fans, assuredly missing some of Morrow's patented outside shooting -- it seems like he's both a bit disgruntled with his lack of playing time in Atlanta, and welcoming of praise from Nets fans who'd like to see him in black & white.

Here's a smattering of some of Morrow's RT's tonight:... MORE →


Anthony Morrow

Comfort. That's what we want from the dudes on the team we root for. When the ball is in their hands, we want to feel at ease. Rooting for a team is such a gut-wrenching, exhausting trip that you need a calming guide to take you safely through the hallucinations and fever dreams of fandom.

Jason Kidd was the epitome of this. When he was on the court, all was well. He’d figure it out, regardless of the situation. We were in good hands. We also want moments we can reminisce about. If the guy seems happy to be there, that's gravy. But since that one guy got a headache and left, there haven’t been many players to don the Nets sweater who have afforded us fans these requirements. In fact, I’d say there’s only been one: Anthony Morrow.... MORE →