Youtube Of The Night: CDR Rookie Mix – And A Truehoop Network Note

CDR is always tweeting good stuff, and recently he hyped up a rookie mix of himself that popped up on youtube.  I checked it out and it’s pretty solid.  The first little part is all photos, but there is actual video, so don’t worry.  Oh yeah, the lyrics to the music to the background is NSFW.

A little Truehoop Network note, Brett Hainline over at Queen City Hoops runs a great statistical page for every NBA player in the league.  He needs a little help though, and for your trouble you could win a $25.00 gift card for  All you got to do is head over to the post I just linked above and in the comments post a player bio or a picture for any player.  There is a gift card for both the bio and the picture, so be sure to help out and pick one for both.  Good luck Nets’ fans, lets take it down!

Posted by Sebastian Pruiti