Woj: League suspicious of AK signing

Posted on: July 12th, 2013 by Chris Hooker Comments

In a new column from Woj, he admits NBA GM's are feeling a little funny about the deal the Nets got for Andrei Kirilenko.

Woj states that teams have been suspicious of Prokhorov since he entered the league and that the Kirilenko deal is almost too good to be true.

Prokhorov is being accused of paying Kirilenko under the table, so to speak, so he can fit into the Nets salary cap.

I don't really have any comment on this, because it's pure speculation from GM's, but an interesting read nonetheless.

It looks like the Nets are not really held to in a high standard around the league, because of Prokhorov.


  1. avatar CJ17098 says:

    To be fair, Woj does detail how the same thing happened when the Big 3 united in Miami and when the Garnett to Boston deal went down. The fact that Prokhorov and Kirilenko share a country, and that Prokhorov’s fortune was amassed under somewhat less-than-shady circumstances might add some circumstantial credence to the accusations, but, ultimately, you have the exact same thing that you had in Boston and Miami: other owners whining that the Nets are being given preferential treatment by free agents/trade targets. They’re not wrong.

  2. avatar WynnDuffy says:

    After AK opted out. it was stated a few places that ‘Korver to Nets (for mini-MLE) was in the bag’. So AK did not opt out of his contract to become a Net.
    Anyone know what other offers were presented to AK?

  3. avatar A.R. says:

    Yeah, it’s just the American owners being in shock.  They probably laughed when they traded for Deron because they were sure he’d leave.  Then they laughed when Billy traded for the worst contract in the NBA (Joe), then probably laughed because they thought Brook wasnt worth the $$$ and laughed and Hump being paid 12 million per year….and then…KG, PP, JET, AK47!! They’re shitting their pants because people WANT to play in Brooklyn (duh) for an owner who will spend and spend over the cap (duh).
    Did Proky and Andrei have a side agreement?  Who knows but it clearly wasnt plan A since that was Korver and it wasnt Plan A for Kirilenko since he talked to the Cavs and tried a sign and trade with the Spurs.  I’d lean on the side of it just being the best option for both at the time.

    1. avatar A.R. says:

      I’ll add to it – I’d understand the feeling had Kirilenko signed cheap for us LAST season when he came back from Europe.  It just wasnt the intention to sign cheap with us, it just happened because nobody would get close to what he made last season (bad advice? bad decision obviously) and if the most he could make was the mid level from the Spurs (5 million-ish?), if that was his best offer then going from 5 mil to 3 mil to play FOR your FRIEND (Proky) and WITH your FRIEND (Deron) then that’s a gamble you take based on you and your family being comfrotable in a new city.  Pure jealousy.  Pure shock.

  4. avatar NetsAreFinallyScorching says:

    Sounds like the other owners are just crying because A) Prok’s willing to spend over the luxury tax and do things like pay 15mil for a 3mil contract, while they are too afraid of losing their precious profits to do the same.  And B) No one is willing to give their shitty playoff bubble/lottery teams a 7mil discount to play in a less than great sports market/venue.  Weak accusations, makes them sound like children.

  5. avatar JonCBK says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t AK opt out of his $10 million contract and at that point it was a done deal and he couldn’t get it back? You are not allowed to negotiate with a player under contract, and obviously he was shopping around and talking to teams. So he was out of the contract, right? The $10 million is gone at that point. 
    I suspect he thought he was going to get another guaranteed contract in the range of three years and $30 million. I would have assumed he would get something like that considering how good he is. But clearly the market wasn’t there at that range. 
    If some of the other owners can show the legit offers that they made and that AK turned down, then they have the start of making a case. But I’ve heard nothing except some talk about $5 million a year mid-level exceptions. So if he turned down cash, it seems like he turned down $5 million to play for $3 million. The chance to play on a very good team, for Prok, with DWill, and in New York. Don’t forget that can be a BIG deal for his wife who is a celebrity in Russia and will like the opportunities that present themselves in New York. San Antonio just doesn’t quite do it.

    1. avatar A.R. says:

      JonCBK Yup. Precisely what I said a couple of messages below ;)
      Kinda getting tired of people talking about him going from 10 million to 3.  Should compare what he got to what he got offered but the media is LAZY so nobody will do the work and find out what else he was offered.  But like I said – playing FOR a FRIEND (Proky) and playing WITH a FRIEND (Deron) are legit reasons enough to move from Minnesotta so Brooklyn instead of San Antonio (who couldnt come up with a sign and trade deal, its not like Kirilenko rejected them, they couldnt come up with a sign and trade with Minny)