Welp: Heat 105, Nets 85 (Game Grades)

Posted on: January 30th, 2013 by Devin Kharpertian Comments

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

He attacked the rim on more occasions than usual and still put up a relatively silent game.


Outside of that dirty-as-all-hell crossover he put on Chris Bosh early in the game, a quiet night.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Well, he tried.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Followed up his All-Star announcement with an All-Star performance, except for (like everyone else) a dreadful third quarter when he let Heat guards and LeBrons get to the rim at will on pick-and-rolls and switches. But did look like the best Nets player on the floor by a wide margin throughout the game. For whatever that's worth.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Had a really solid first half hitting both shots he should and shot not make, following it up with one of his worst stretches of defense in recent memory


Corner 3's? Check. Defense? Occasionally. But he can't do it by himself. (Can you believe I'm saying that about Keith Bogans!?)


Not exactly how you want to follow up statements like these.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Hit a three!


  1. avatar WynnDuffy says:

    Rwgarding Reggie, that is the reason players should not make statements like he made.

    It is unfortunate that no one in Nets management is willing to tell a just above Vets’ Min player to STFU, and threaten him with fines if he doesn’t STFU.

    There is no leadership on this team.
    a team with this type of payroll and longterm contracts.
    Very sad for

    1. avatar WynnDuffy says:

      Should read “Very sad for a team with this type of payroll and longterm contracts”.