Warriors 102, Nets 93 Game Grades: Well, that was ugly

After a red-hot first quarter that saw them hitting 14 of 19 field goals, the Brooklyn Nets offense completely stalled as the Golden State Warriors caught fire. Midrange jumper after three-pointer after open layup splashed through and the Nets seemed completely ineffectual to stop it. The Nets couldn’t get out in transition, couldn’t hit open shots, and couldn’t stop any shots after the first quarter. It was proof positive that every NBA team is different night in and night out, because this was not the Nets team that competed with Los Angeles last night. Here’s your Net Worth:

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Struggled with his shot, only magnified because he was matching up with Stephen Curry. Did set up Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez well for shots inside, but got torched by Curry and Thompson. Was clearly frustrated by his team’s lack of effort defensively, but he struggled on that end as well.


Was involved in the Brooklyn Nets offense in the first half! No, really! Seriously, was used mostly as a spot-up shooter or looked for coming off screens, rather than a steady stream of isolations. So that was refreshing, though it came at a cost: Johnson didn’t get to the line again. Unfortunately, he was completely out cold in the second half, outside of a couple three-pointers. Ian Eagle called one made three “target practice.” Hope that’s true going forward, because it hasn’t been so far. Did finish with six assists, but like Williams, Johnson looked outmatched by Klay Thompson.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Quietly efficient, hit double digits without really noticing he scored. Got his shots created for him, but he still put them down.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Scored like a rocket. Rebounded like a carp.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Andray Blatche fumbled a pass and then threw another away. Andray Blatche found Kris Humphries on a beautiful feed in the midst of rapid ball movement for an assist and then abused David Lee in the post. Andray Blatche fired a three for no apparent reason. Andray Blatche called his own number on the perimeter, drove to the basket, and found Josh Childress cutting for a layup. And this was just the first half.


Bogans doesn’t do much of anything, and thus his value relies mostly on him making his corner threes. He made two of them tonight. Greatness!


Frustratingly fluctuating between completely ineffective to offensively dominant in wild stretches.

Josh Childress SMALL FORWARD

His best game in a Nets uniform, in that he was fairly decent.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

He played, but didn’t really show us why. Outside of his first midrange shot, he looked flat.


Oof. Couldn’t hit anything.


  1. Absolutely disgusted with our Achilles heel of not keeping a lead still resurfacing. Out elite backcourt is getting schooled on the regular by opposing guards. JJ is an absolute waste right now. Deron and JJ both aren’t playing up to their payscale.

    Lopez is the only one playing efficiently.

    Why wouldn’t Avery try the quicker tyshawn on curry?? He is an able defender. Keep him out there with deron or JJ as an anchor.


  2. I was really excited when we got JJ in the trade b/c 1) He was a known scorer from his Atlanta and Phoenix days, and 2) I was hoping some of his talent could brush off on Marshon. My only worry was that perhaps, like when Vince was traded to Orlando, his production would drop off. So far, it’s been even worse that what I’ve hoped. He’s shooting at like a 35% clip, and really hasn’t had a great game yet.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions after 10 games, but Johnson really needs to pick it up. I’m almost wishing we started Marshon, who has been really efficient (in limited minutes) this season, and seems to be getting better defensively.(He got burned on more than one occasion, got called on some dumb fouls, but he showed some spunk with the steal late in the fourth.)

  3. To me, this is all on Avery. You don’t put out effort on the court, you sit, no matter how much you are being paid.

    And Avery’s offensive system SUCKS. Nets have to get the ball upcourt as quickly as possible, and do some crisp passing, because as I hope you have noticed, waiting until there are 5 seconds on the shotclock is not an effective way to create a goot shot attempt.