Video: Nate Robinson explodes in fourth quarter, overtimes

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson led an improbable comeback over the Brooklyn Nets, scoring 23 points in the fourth quarter (one short of a Bulls franchise record held by Michael Jordan) to erase a 14-point deficit with three minutes left. Robinson finished the game with 34 points on 14-23 shooting, and one technical foul for getting into a scrum with Nets guard C.J. Watson.


  1. On another forum, the guy who runs NetsDaily (Net Income) and myself would argue about Nate Robinson.

    NI felt that Nate really couldn’t help a team win, and that Nate was a ‘circus act’.

    I thought he was an explosive (though certainly erratic) offensive player that could contribute off of anyone’s bench. If he played out of control, you put him back on the bench.

    I believe Nate has proved my point this season.

  2. i just spoke to a buddy of mine-part of the Nets administration—to him,the bottom line is that a scheme was not devised to limit Nate Robinson—putting it squarely on the head coach shoulders
    if the Nets lose this series ,P.J. will be out of here—likely to be replace by Phil Jackson-IF he wants it–or Jeff Van Gundy

    i,personally, would consider trading DWILL to get a top big man to go along with Lopez
    DWILL would give them a shot at Kevin Love,whom i heard would want to play here-his girlfriend lives here–otherwise a DWILL trade to the Lakers for Howard would benefit both teams!!

    the REALITY is DWILL has too many personal issues to be a consistent leader on any good team- no one knows which DWILL will show up-could be a star player one day-the next game he may be sulking-he is also the Nets most marketable player to get a top big man—-in addition,you dont need a top point guard to win it all—just look at the teams that have won championships–a TOP level point guard was not needed!!
    a good point guard is helpful but an elite point guard is not necessary!!!!