Video: Mirza, Unleashed

Posted on: January 16th, 2013 by Devin Kharpertian Comments

Mirza Teletovic with his best quarter, if not his best game, of the season. Though P.J. Carlesimo espoused about his passing ability after the game, it all stems from the one thing you hope Mirza Teletovic can bring: a consistent three-point shot to put points on the board and space the floor. In the second quarter, Teletovic hit three long bombs that helped the Brooklyn Nets cut into and eventually take the lead. Watch:



  1. avatar DanRodriguez804 says:

    That was beautiful. The Nets might not need to make a trade. If they can get him going and spread the floor, they may be tough to beat.

    1. Beuatiful game…can somebody help me about that song at the end of video..from the 00:38 till the end. I cant understend all words she said but music is excelent.