Video: Deron Williams’ best crossovers

The biggest criticism of Brooklyn Nets max point guard Deron Williams is simple — his shot hasn’t been falling since he joined the Nets in February 2011. But one thing that hasn’t changed: all of his on-the-ground moves are there, including the killer crossover that helped make him such a valuable point guard in the first place. That hasn’t changed this season: after the jump, check out this video of some of the best Deron Williams crossovers from the first half of the season.

Of course, if D-Will has any killers tonight, we’ll be sure to update. UPDATE: Duh, he’s not playing tonight. So there’s the promised update.

h/t video maven Cody Hart


  1. My biggest problem with Deron isn’t that he’s not shooting well but that he doesn’t push the ball in transition to get himself and the team easy looks. Generally he never seems to be going full speed. He just seems lazy and disinterested.