VIDEO: Brawl in Boston, Humphries, Rondo Ejected

UPDATE: Here is the full video:

(h/t Twitter user @LYKaPROindaGAME)

Here is the shortened clip, courtesy of SI:

Near the end of the first half of the Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics game, a foul by Kris Humphries led to a forceful retaliation by Rajon Rondo, leading both players into the stands fighting. Other players joined in to try to mitigate, but the damage had been done. Rondo appeared to throw punches at Humphries in the fracas.

Humphries, Rondo, and Gerald Wallace (who had one earlier technical) were ejected from the game. Rondo will presumably face a suspension.

Nets lead 51-38 at the half.

(h/t Ben Golliver of SI)


  1. Say goodbye to your assist streak, Rondouche!

    Oh, and that foul wasn’t particularly hard. Garnett was already way off balance with his right leg way too far out. But it’s nice to hear the Heinsohn the Drunk’s side of it….

    1. What did Heinsohn say? I know Rondo is bummed about the assist streak. Saw how he passed up an open layup to pass it out? What a tool.