Raptors Fans Explain Why They Lost


Looks like the officials and the NBA are doing their best to get their wish.. a #Nets –#Heat matchup. — Ramy Eljawhary (@reljawhary) May 4, 2014 Seriously where'd they find this ref? Is he Rob Ford's crack dealer or something? #Raptors #Toronto — Kirsten Rosenkrantz (@KRosenkrantz) May 4, 2014 I think Russian mafia got to […]

“So Canada it hurts”: Nets fans mock Raptor nation for lack of functioning electricity-driven shot clock

broken shot clock

The shot clocks in the #Nets versus #Raptors game are not working. So Canada it hurts. — Brian R. Eilts (@theBrianEilts) April 19, 2014 Now they're using the announcer w/ a mic to act as the shot clock? Keep it classy, Toronto. #Nets #Raptors — billfishkin (@billfishkin) April 19, 2014 Way to go, #Canada. We […]