Gregg Popovich has glowing remarks for Sean Marks

Gregg Popovich has glowing remarks for Sean Marks

The Nets have reportedly offered their vacant general manager position to San Antonio Spurs assistant general manager Sean Marks. Update: Marks took the job on February 18. Publicly available interviews of Marks in his post-playing career are few and far between. One short YouTube clip of Marks at a D-League tryout shows him promoting the […]

Lionel Hollins: Brook Lopez Could Be A Franchise Player, But Deron Williams Isn’t


The Brooklyn Nets season ended unceremoniously Friday night, with a 111-87 loss in Game 6 against the Atlanta Hawks. Despite two surprise wins in the playoffs, it forced the Nets to look internally at their flaws. After a 38-44 season, the Nets need to improve their raw talent, though the road is narrow. They expect […]

The Lost Art of the NBA Floater

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Jarrett Jack caught the pass from Kevin Garnett, and the plan was already in motion. Jack, fewer than three minutes into his first start of the season on December 21, put up a quick shot-fake, sending eager Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings flying past at the three-point line. With space to run, Jack headed towards […]

The Glue Guys Podcast: The Nets Awaken


Big Week for your Brooklyn Nets. After wandering listlessly through the schedule, struggling to score while not playing with any sense of flow or energy, the Nets bounce back with two big wins. First against the rival Knicks on their home floor. Then against the defending champions Spurs. Sure, the Spurs are without Splitter, Mills […]

Nets Tough Out Win Vs. Spurs

Good morning! The Nets beat the Spurs. Here’s how:

Nets Play Spurs In San Antonio. In Other Words, Nets Lose To Spurs

Good morning! The Nets played the Spurs last night. So here’s what happened:

Nets need inspired play to win in San Antonio vs. Spurs

Nets fans collectively exhaled in relief last night after Reggie Jackson’s game-winning shot attempt bounced off the rim as time expired: for the third straight season, the Nets triumphed in Oklahoma City, winning 94-92 against a depleted Thunder team that was equally desperate for a victory. It wasn’t pretty, but they got the job done, […]

Is Deron Williams slow?

Is Deron Williams slow?

How fast is Deron Williams? It’s a simple question that used to be impossible to answer definitively. But now, thanks to’s newly public optical tracking data, we can learn not just how fast Deron Williams ran, we can also figure out how his speed evolved over the course of last season. Let’s start with […]

Spurs blaze path, hire female assistant coach

Becky Hammon

When the rest of the NBA focused their efforts on national players, the Spurs searched overseas to discover new talent. After the success of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, the league followed suit. Now, while much of the league recycles head coaches and employs assistant retreads, the Spurs found another untapped source to fill out […]