Brooklynite high school basketball star Deejay Brown with coach Rich Endres. (Credit: Steve Ames)


For Brooklyn native Deejay Brown, the place where he is the most safe in the world is on the basketball court.

That’s what makes it so sad that he hasn’t been allowed to play for the past two seasons for his team at Thousand Oaks High School in California. Brown was ruled ineligible to play after moving in to live with the family of Rich Endres, his coach –- and surrogate father.

Last year's decision was based upon the principals' conclusion that Brown, Endres and Thousand Oaks didn't prove Brown's hardship case. Endres thinks Brown should have been allowed to play last year, if not both years.

"How many kids get stabbed in the face in an attempted murder? That’s an extreme hardship. And what would it have hurt if you would have allowed him to play? Who would that have harmed?"... MORE →