In a preview for the next episode of NBA's "The Association," covering the Brooklyn Nets this year, the Nets are at a Minnesota restaurant sharing a team dinner and some jokes: Kris Humphries (who organized the dinner) starts off by cracking on Jerry Stackhouse's age, and the 38-year-old Stackhouse hits back by reminding everyone that he's got one more dunk this year than at least two Nets players. Watch the video after the jump... MORE →


"The Association," an in-depth, inside look at the year-long evolution of a basketball team on NBA TV, continues its coverage of the Brooklyn Nets Friday on NBA T.V. at 6:30. Last week's episode coincided with the Nets pregame coverage, so to have it tomorrow night on a non-game night is a little refreshing.

After previous episodes focused on the rebranding, the youth movement (specifically MarShon Brooks), and Hurricane Sandy, tomorrow night's episode will look at struggling practices, the Nets bigs, and the victories over Orlando and Cleveland.

Here is a sneak peek of the episode, courtesy of


Reminder that The Association, the NBA's behind-the-scenes show following the Brooklyn Nets this season, is on before the game tonight at 6:30 on NBATV. (That's now!) This week's episode will focus on, among other things, MarShon Brooks' development.


NBA TV's "The Association" is following the Brooklyn Nets this season. After a brief introduction to Brooklyn and the past year of infamy, episode two was supposed to deal with the basketball game played last night, but since, well, you know, it will instead focus mainly on Hurricane Sandy's effects on the team.

The show will run at 6:30 PM EST.