When Brooklyn Favorite Son Spike Lee declared that he would not switch his allegiance from the Knicks to the Nets, we all grumbled but actually could respect his deep loyalty to the blue and orange.

But it's a whole different matter when the Knicks are out of the picture. Former Borough President Marty Markowitz had pleaded with Lee to at least make the Brooklyn team his second favorite.

It now seems clear that Lee is not only for the Knicks, he's against the Nets. He rooted for the Heat and sat near the Heat bench at the last game. There's a slightly mitigating factor: Ray Allen, a star of his movie He Got Game, now plays for the Heat.

Still: Loyalty to the Knicks over the Nets makes some sense. But loyalty to Miami over Brooklyn?

Brooklyn traitor Spike Lee

Brooklyn traitor Spike Lee


Very nicely done video about Spike Lee's moral conflict between love of Brooklyn and loyalty to the Knicks.

(h/t @JarredAabel)
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Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz forgives Brooklyn-born film-maker Spike Lee for remaining a Knicks fan and suggests that he root for the Nets once the Knicks "falter."

The interview was conducted October 24, and was held until now because of Hurricane Sandy.



Divorce. Despite the frequency with which it’s used, it is still a nasty business. The kids (if they exist) always get hurt. There’s endless acrimony about dividing money and property. Lucky to have been personally unaffected, from what I’ve heard from friends and seen in movies, divorce brings out the worst in people. Still, despite the pain, after it’s all over and done with, divorce can provide the promise for a new beginning, for something better.

For years in the United States, a divorce could only be accomplished if the party seeking dissolution found a legal fault with his/her incompatible counterpart. Now, though, with the advent of “no-fault” divorce, a marriage may be ended for such excellent vagaries as Irreconcilable Differences, Incompatibility, and my personal favorite, Irredeemable Breakdown of the Marriage. In 2010, New York became the last state to move from a legal scheme that allowed only fault divorces, to one that permits no-fault divorces as well.

Without wasting any more of my or your time, I’ll assert my privilege: Goodbye, New York Knicks.... MORE →